Friday, February 25, 2011

The Outsiders - zine

'Start a band, do a zine, put on shows if you know what I mean.' Those words were written by Ensign spin off band Weapon X years ago and still ring true today.

To me a good hardcore scene has great bands, great shows but also zines. With the rise of internet less and less people seem to be doing zines. I understand why it takes a lot of effort and some money if you want you magazine to come out great. Not everyone has that much time.

The Outsiders is a new zine from Belgium done by some guys from Accept The Change. Issue 1, which I got my hands on at the Defeater show, features in depth interviews with rising stars Touche Amore and Midnight Souls as well as some reviews and columns (of which one is written by me, so yes I'm a bit biased here).

Besides all that the editors also managed to interview True Colors vocalist Packo right before their last show ever. He looks back on his time in True Colors which makes for a great read.

I suggest everyone to get in touch with the editors and get yourself this zine, be inspired and do one of your own.

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dcgeshel said...

I'm in the process of starting an online hardcore zine that publishes perspectives on hardcore music, lyrical content, and the physical space we create for the music to take place. Right now I'm trying to get content up on the site that will hopefully bring in more readers and submissions, and I'd be really interested in having you write something for it.
I'll link to the site at the bottom of the message. If it seems like something you'd like to contribute to, email be back or submit something to the site.
Feedback and suggestions at this point would be great as well.



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