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Cracks In The Wall (part 2)

Slowly but surely the world is moving towards the release of the first Cracks In The Wall 7". Since I've seen this band grow over the years and some members of it I consider close friends I thought it would be nice to pay some attention to one of the fastest Dutch hardcore bands around right now. What always strikes me when seeing the band is that all members are totally different in age, where they come from, what kind of work they do etc. So I interviewed all of them seperately. Here's part 2 with drummer Willem.

Rumor has it you once played guitar in Justice? How much of that is true. How did you get into that band and how many times did you play with them?

This happened a couple of years ago even before they released their demo. Me and my buddy xthijsx wanted to start a band and were looking for a drummer (I played guitar at that time). We decided to ask Filip since he used to drum in Last Straw before starting Justice. He couldn’t find the time to do it but he did tell me he was looking for a second guitarist for his new band Justice. So I rehearsed with them once but that ended right away, the rehearsal was good but it was simply to far to go to Belgium for practice every week. It was a cool experience and a great day, Justice also played in the Frontline that evening with Downslide and Damage Control.

Is it true you started playing drums because of CITW or did you already drum before you joined the band?

That is not really true. I always wanted to start a band but there were no drummer’s available. So I sold my Jackson RR (stupid) to buy a crappy drum kit and started playing. I’m not sure for how long I’ve had it but I think David and I started practicing like 2 months later.

From the musicians you're the one with the fewest experience, do you sometimes feel there's a pressure on you because of that?

This doesn’t put much pressure on me. Can’t be experienced from the beginning right?!
The little pressure I do sometimes feel comes from myself because I want to get more skilled and experienced, I guess that’s normal. My band mates don’t put any pressure on me, they know my level and that it takes time to really improve. They do encourage me to try new stuff which is good. I am now also taking drum lessons and am practicing more regularly.

You're from an area in Limburg where a lot of good hardcore and punkbands and fans come from. Why do you think that area is such a birthplace for this kind of music?

I can’t really think of a good explanation for this. I think it could be because hardcore kids here are willing to “pass the music on” to other kids and get more people into it. I remember Thijs always made me hear hardcore records and WJ helped me find all Insult 7”-es. Also there’s various venues and recordstores in the area. Now those are everywhere, but I think lots of kids never even hear Black Flag or Minor Threat. I’m glad I did and apparently more people in beautiful Limburg do. Can’t think of a good answer for this one!

What is your best moment with CITW up untill now and when did you wish you never joined the band in the first place?

I liked playing in my hometown Horst but the best moment so far was the UK weekend with Reproach. Hanging out, playing videogames, being on the road, drinking, playing shows and off course seeing Reproach trash shit up 3 days in a row!

A down sometimes is all the traveling to Tilburg. Also we played some weak shows but there are no moments I wish I hadn’t joined. Those are the only downs I can think off.

Since you're the only student in the band and probably have the most free time, don't you wish the other guys had more time for the band as well so you could do more touring and stuff? Or are you happy with the way things are going now?

I would love to do more touring but unfortunately that’s not possible. But I’m happy with the way things are going too. We rehearse every week and we play at least 1 show a month (that’s a minimum; most months more). We try to do as much shows as possible and I’m happy about the amount so far. We hope to do another tour in the spring of next year and to play more shows once the 7” is out!

Can you give your top 3 of old dutch bands and current dutch bands?

I’ll just put some lists here:




BGK and Mihoen


Citizens Patrol

Gewapend Beton

Seein Red

and A.S.H. was good at Short Fast & Loud (in Heemstede and Tilburg) so a top four it is! ;-)

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