Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brainwreck Records

I know I've been slacking in posting interviews here. Well that's going to change, starting now. In this time of people downloading records for free, it's a big jump to invest money in a new label. So it's kind of exciting to see two guys starting a new label and investing their time and money in new bands. Without further ado here's an introduction to Brainwreck Records and it's owners Rick and Teun:

First of all why did you start Brainwreck records? What are your intentions with the label?

R: Hey Arold! We just want to help out new bands by offering them a helping hand on releasing their demo. Brainwreck Records is basically just two friends putting out music together. Initially the idea started with Teun who offered to help out Outlive (their drummer, Erik, was in the same band as us at the time) and I came in along the way.

The first three releases are all tapes. Are you going to stick to tapes only or are you also planning to do vinyl releases in the future?
R: As for now we will only release tapes. We just want to see how everything will work out and hopefully we will release some vinyl in the future as well.

How does a Dutch label come in contact with a Russian band (Rearranged)?

T: Cesco Youth (A Step Apart fame) just pointed out a band some of his friends were doing and said they were still looking for a label to get their demo released. Since we really dig their tunes we just dropped a message and things started rolling.

Why did you choose Outlive, Rearranged and Teenage Lust as bands on your label?
R: Outlive have been friends with us from early on and we really like their new songs. Rearranged is just an amazing upcoming band with really cool tunes. The guys in the band are really nice guys as well and hopefully they will start touring in the near future. Teun knows Gilles (bassplayer Teenage Lust) for quite a while and when he heard their songs he booked them for a few shows. We kept in touch when we were in Calloused and the guys from Teenage Lust appeared to like our songs. So we came to the idea to release their songs.

I noticed that both Rearranged and Outlive also offer their songs as free downloads. Aren't you scared you won't sell any of the tapes this way?
T: First of all, if you never buy any releases then I don’t know what you’re doing in hardcore in the first place. I feel there are still a lot of people around that enjoy collecting music so it shouldn’t be a problem to sell tapes.

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