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Introducing: My Turn To Win

Still bummed out Count Me Out didn't make another record after 'Permanent'? You had enough with hip hop influences in hardcore and long back to the real deal? Well I am and I do. Luckily for me I 'discovered' Philadelphias' My Turn To Win. They do sound like Count Me Out, they do play hardcore the way I like it which is fast, passionate and angry. Moreover the band seems to consist of dedicated hardcore kids like you and me, not jaded scenestar heroes or worshippers of Myspace. Still the band is pretty unknown, at least in Europe. Time to change that and introduce you all to vocalist Dave.

When and why did the band come in existance and for how long have you been playing with the current line-up? How much time did you put in writing and recording 'Weight Of The World'?
The band came into existance in 2004. Originally it was myself, Pat, Dan, Chad and Jess. We've been through numerous lineup changes, and for the past year its been Myself, Justin, Len, Ryan and Jess. 'WOTW' we wrote from april 2007 til december 2007, with the exceptions of 'Best Goalie Ever', 'I'll Stick Around' and 'Far Out'. Those are re recorded from our first ep and from demos.

Will Putney at the Machineshop in Weehawken produced, mastered and recorded our album. He did an awesome job. He did a great job producing the sound and feeling we wanted with the album.

Which old and current band inspire you and why?
Everyone in My Turn to Win is influenced by different bands. For myself, Kill Your Idols and the Cro-Mags are both big influences.

Most lyrics are personal and introspective, you never feel the need to write a really political song or do you think change has to start with yourself?
I try not to write about things i dont know enough about. I have my political opinions, but i don't feel that i know nearly enough about whats going on to write a political song, or to try and carry a political message. Change definately starts internally. I think its impossible to expend changes in the world around you if you cant force changes within yourself.

The record is entitled 'Weight Of The World' which always is a burden to feel on your shoulder. Do you think the weight of the world is sometimes upon you? That friends, family, bandmembers rely on you so heavily it becomes a burden that brings you down?

'Weight of the World' wasnt titled with that in mind, but it's the first line in the first song on the album. But to answer your question, yes definitely at times i feel like people rely heavily on me. I think everyone alive feels that way. That sometimes everyone expects too much too soon from you, and it can all be overwhelming.

The titles 'Schrute Bucks', 'Tits Rule' and 'Best Goalie Ever' might give people the idea you're a fun punkband. Why did you choose these titles cause the lyrics to those songs are not really funny or anything? To be honest when I first saw the tracklisting I immediately assumed I wouldn't like the band because of the title 'Tits Rule'. What makes it even 'stranger' is the fact that one of your bandmembers is a girl. To me it seems there's a lot more sexism in hardcore now than say ten years ago. How do you guys and girl feel about that?
"Schrute Bucks", Man on a Train with No Answers" and "You cant swim in leather pants" are all references to the tv show The Office which we all love cause it rules. 'Tits Rule' is cause Tits do in fact, rule.

I titled 'Tits Rule' as a joke, but you do make a point that there is sexism in hc. "Girls shouldnt mosh" or they're their to hold hoodies and merch is pretty common. We've gotten some criticism for having a girl in the band in the past, but most people who know Jess and the rest of us know that we all love hardcore, and that hangups about stupid shit like that isnt gonna affect us.

Any chance the next record will totally sound like Count Me Out ;-) and can you see the comparison?

Yeah we get the Count Me Out reference a lot. We've actually covered 'South Street' a few times. As for the next record, i can only hope it rules half as hard as Count Me Out did.

The bonustrack of the record is a combination of three hardcore classics, 'Ready To Fight, 'Hard Times' and 'Positive Outlook' why did you put it on the record and why did you choose these three songs?
There was no reason to put the medley bonus track on the album other than to just do it. We're fans of the Cro-Mags, NA and YOT, so i suppose its our way of thanking those bands for doing what they did.

As said in my review your name is not really outthere yet and I didn't hear from your label before as well so tell me a bit more about Awake/Strong and why you choose to be on the label.

Awake/Strong is run out of Pennsylvania by Mike Parks. He's had a ton of support and faith in us for both releases the ep and the full length, and we appreciate that. Other releases are the Fahrenheit 451 discog/DVD and a comp "Music by People like Us" featuring Blacklisted, MLIW, Agnostic Front, H2O and a handful of others. It's a good comp, check it out. I'm not sure what else Mike has planned for the label.

In a topic on the Bridge 9 board someone put up a link to download the new record. Was that done intentionally and don't you mind people getting the record for free?

I suppose whoever put the link up did it intentionally. Me personally, I dont care if people download it. Obviously please pick the record up from us at shows or through awake/strongs webstore, but if you're one of the growing number of people who doesnt buy cds and the only way you're gonna hear it is if you dl it, then whatever. As long as people keep coming out to shows and having a good time and showing their support, thats what really matters.

Do you have plans to cross the ocean and play in Europe? Or would you like an European label to release 'Weight Of The World' here and if so what should a label be able to offer you?

We would love for European release of WOTW. It would be awesome as well to make it over there as well and tour. We were invited to play a festival this fall in London i think, but our work and personal schedules made it impossible to do at this time.

Myspace: My Turn To Win
Label: Awake/Strong

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