Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth Crisis

I had the chance to interview Karl Buechner, singer of Earth Crisis, a couple of weeks ago when he was on tour with his other band. Though I was never the biggest fan of Earth Crisis I always appreciated their message and I must say the new record 'To The Death' is on high rotation at the moment.

So why did you decide to write a new record after doing some comeback shows?

We had an awesome response on our reunion shows. It felt so natural doing the band again and a new album seemed like a logical next step.

During the time Earth Crisis concluded we had Path Of Restistance to carry the straight edge vegan torch. With our other bands, Ragmen and Freya, we have been able to do and accomplish things Earth Crisis never did. Make videos, play other countries.

Now it seems to be a good point in time to use the technology and knowledge available to start Earth Crisis back up.

It also seemed like there weren't any other bands carrying the vegan message while Earth Crisis was away. Was that one of the reasons to start again?

I don't know if there weren't any vegan bands around. I do know that we're still all about the vegan straight edge and will always be about that.

There's a sample on the new record that states that drugdealers kill more people in the states everyday then Al Qaeda so far. Do you think the US government should spend more money on the war against drugs instead of the war against terror?

I think we need a people's uprising against the narcoterrorists. It happened in Columbia where a group of citizens called Los Pepes revolved against druglords and it worked there. The whole world needs to revolt against drugs.

I live in a quite liberal country. Do you think the Dutch system of legalization of soft-drugs is better than the system in the US?

It would be a good idea if drugs were legalized in one state of the US. Like in Nevada prostitution is legal. That way all the people who would like to indulge themselves in a lifestyle of drugs could go there. The government would be far better able to control things if it happened in one state and they would get rid of the illegal aspect.

The band recorded the new record themselves and had Tue Madsen do the mastering. Why?

We've always intended to do Earth Crisis again. So now the time came but we all live in different parts of the States. Fortunately some members have their own recording facilities so we send music back and forth till the record was done. Than the whole thing went to Tue because we thought he was the best man available to put a modern touch on our sound.

All of the bandmembers got older and some have children. Are they raised vegan as well?

All our children are vegan. But we never push them. The vegan diet is very healthy and we're straight forward with our kids. They are far more sensitive to the cruelty against animals so they choose themselves. It's never been a problem.

Are you proud of the legacy of Earth Crisis so far? Without a doubt your band is responsible for the fact that lots of hardcorekids went vegan.

I've seen a lot of changes over the years. For example vegan people from the hardcore scene make up the bulk of who runs Peta2. There are vegan bakeries and restaurants all over the US. People who became vegan through Earth Crisis started these businesses. Some of these people came up to me and actually told me so.

So yeah it's amazing to see how inspiring we were. I hope to be as much of an inspiration to a new generation of people.

Most bands with a straight edge message usually tune down their words or have members selling out. How come this never really happened with Earth Crisis?

I think in all the years we worked with Earth Crisis and Path Of Resistance it's a way of life for us. Straight edge and veganism never was an experiment it was a commitment from the start. It's in our blood.


Birkir said...

Such an odd answer to the legalization question.

Mike said...

Too funny that you followed up a Mouthpiece post with an Earth Crisis post. I believe the Mouthpiece song, What Was Said, was a response to the militant stance from Earth Crisis.

"I won't support your revolution,
I will not listen to your lies.
Your barriers, they will soon fall,
As will your shallow pride."

xroldx said...

Haha Mike you got to admit Mouthpiece was wrong there. Earth Crisis didn't fall.

xroldx said...

Well Birkir I also expected something more militant, extreme to be honest.

Birkir said...

Me too. Still think its odd.

David Agranoff said...

The mouthpiece song was about hardline, not Earth crisis.

Cool interview. I have lots of Earth crisis content on my blog if anyone is interested.

Dennis said...

I don't think it is an odd answer, about the legalization. He is basicly saying what is going on in the Netherlands is good: it's better to control it, than leaving it to the black market.

And the vegan sxe was basicly a countermovement for hardline. My guess is, if hardliners weren't such homophobes, there would be no distinction between hardline and vegan sXe.

Birkir said...

I understand your point Dennis. It's just that i think that idea of legalizing in one state is somewhat iffy.

Dennis said...

I also get your point. I think it's something that was the first thing coming up in his mind. The point being that controlling it is important, and he has yet to come up with a better than just doing this in one state.

Control starts in your home though. I hope I can convince my kids to not try any drug whatsoever. Though I will probably have a hard time convincing them to stay away from alcohol. No matter how fucked up people get by the use of alcohol, society is still not ready to discard it. Maybe, when naming my kids, I should have given there names the x's from the start. It would be cool to open a passport, and then it would say xYourNameHerex!

Anonymous said...
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