Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Looking back with Good Riddance

Good Riddance has been an important band for me. I love most of their records and have been able to get more close with some members over the years. I first interviewed singer Russ in April '98 when they toured with AFI. It was one of those inspiring moments you can have in life. Being able to open up for them in Amsterdam with my old band Heartfelt was one of the highlights in our existence. Good Riddance is no more. I mailed Russ some questions for a short look back on the bands career and to see what he's up to right now. (Pictures shows me singing along at their final Belgium show in 2006)

- When did Good Riddance actually start and what was your main goal back then?

I started the band in 1992. My intentions were to play shows outside of Santa Cruz and one day find someone crazy enough to release our songs.

- So the band lasted for over 15 years. Were you guys ever big enough to really live of the band alone?

Not really. We played so many shows we weren’t able to have a steady job besides the band. Fortunately we did well enough to buy clothes and food. But we never really earned lots of money. Especially in the beginning more often than not we came home from touring with debts.

- Why did the band break up? Had it anything to do with you being in Only Crime?

In the end we broke up because we all had the feeling the punkscene has changed and Good Riddance doesn’t fit in anymore. We were all pretty occupied with other things so breaking up seemed the right thing to do. And we all had the feeling we couldn’t make a better record than ‘My Republic’. It didn’t have anything to do with Only Crime though; both bands could exist besides each other.

- So tell me a bit about the last show in Santa Cruz. Were you all nervous? What was the feeling afterwards?

We all really looked forward to the show, being on stage with each other for one last time. There was some stress because we recorded the show so everything had to sound right. It was a great show. I still think about it with content. But it was also the closure of a big part of my life. It was time for a new chapter.

- What have you been doing since?

I have put a lot of time and effort in new songs which I hopefully will release soon. I’m also looking forward to do solo shows. Only Crime is still going on as well so you can expect more music from me in the future.

- Have you guys already considered a reunion show which seems to be the thing to do nowadays?

Not really. I don’t think we should do it. Our music belongs to a certain period of time. It would be na├»ve and stupid to think otherwise. Of course there will always be people willing to see Good Riddance play, but I don’t see it happening.


Tyler said...

Man, Good Riddance were one of my favorite bands and they always will be. I think even though they're through as a band their legacy will live on for quite some time, I'm sure there are countless bands they have influenced and more to come.

I would love to see them do a reunion one day and play "Operation Phoenix" in its entirety.

xroldx said...

I agree I don't think there won't be a Strike Anywhere or Rise Against if it wasn't for Good Riddance.

Tyler said...

Definitely, particularly the first two Rise Against records the GR references are really obvious.

Adah said...

You write very well.

xroldx said...

thanks a bunch!

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