Wednesday, May 26, 2010

True Colors: Consider It Done!

After five years of doing shows, tours, two full length records and three ep's one of the best straight edge hardcore bands around called it quits. But first a final show in Mol, Belgium just across the border of where I live.

So last saturday I cyled to the Reflections HQ and got in the Reflections van with Johan for a day of record selling, catching up with friends and saying goodbye to True Colors.

We took the backroads to Mol and after arriving decided to set up the distro outside the venue. Since the weather was great and most people were hanging outside between bands this was a very good decision.

The first thing I did after setting up, was getting a copy of the Get The Most - Together full length out of the distro for myself. By far the best youth crew full length I've heard in a while and I love the classic layout as well.

I have to confess that besides True Colors I didn't see any bands since the weather was so good and people kept on coming up to the distro to buy records or hang around.

Now imagine 400 kids packed in a small venue. People from Belgium and The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe all there to see True Colors one last time. It was a show I'll remember. There was no tough guy moshing but there were plenty of stage dives, singalongs and fingerpointing.

Too bad the show had to be stopped for a while because a girl was injured so bad that an ambulance had to come and pick her up. From what I heard she's doing fine now and True Colors picked up the show where they left off.

Ending with 'Focus On The Light' the band left a long lasting impression on me and everyone else. Consider it done.

Pics by Live Your Heart Photography

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Mike said...

This show looks like it was an amazing send off for a great band.

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