Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Said And Done - Weight Of The World - 7"

Dutch hardcore heavyweights Said and Done are back with another 7". This time not on Shield Recordings but on Carry The Weight records. Basically that's the big difference between this new record and 'Endless Roads'. 

Said and Done are still the band to love if you're into groovy midtempo oldstyled New York Hardcore (think Cro-Mags, Underdog, Leeway).

On Endless Roads vocalist Pim's voice sometimes reminded me of Lemmy Motorhead. This time I hear some Dave Mustaine/Megadeth/ Symphony of Destruction - era things. But maybe that is just me.

Said and Done basically continue where they stopped on Endless Roads. The songwriting is just a notch better and the melodies have a bit more hooks. 

There's just one thing I hope the band will do on a next record and that is coming up with one short, pissed off track. I like the groove and the heavy melodies and I think Said and Done together with No Turning Back and This Routine Is Hell are the finest hardcore bands in The Netherlands but give me one trashy song guys!!!

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